2nd WEEC - Rio de Janeiro 2004


Building a possible future
Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), 15-18 September 2004

The second edition of the World Environmental Education Congress, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, brought the international scientific community together for an exchange of experiences and research orientations. This valuable experience involved more than 1500 participants, including members of environmental organizations, business representatives, university students and non-profit associations.

Along with workshops, posters, plenary sessions and roundtables, an important novelty of this edition was represented by 102 laboratories in the space "Education in Action". There was also very close contact with the academic community and activists connected to environmental education within scientific and cultural activities realized in different points of the city.

Organizing Committee: Foundation Oswaldo Cruz, Brazilian Academy of Sciences adn Council of Biology

The second WEEC saw the participation of a great number of scientific authorities as protagonists of the debates and several intellectuals, including  two representatives of UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), Svein Tveitdal and Akpezi Ogbuigwe.

The main topic of the Congress was: "Challenges of Environmental Education in contemporary world: and the cornerstone of programming was a mixture between citizenship and humanistic issues.

The main themes discussed during the Congress were the following:

  • Science-Society
  • Environmental Education: meanings and practices
  • Sustained poverty and sustainable development: the role of Environmental Education
  • Preservation of biological, social and cultural heritage
  • Relationship between EE and promotion of quality of life
  • The value of non-formal education and improving teaching
  • Water
  • Scientific education

The objectives pursued were:
  • Promoting environmental studies and environmental awareness programs
  • Transmitting ecological concepts
  • Transforming attitudes and behaviours
  • Emphasizing interrelationships between nature, society and human beings
  • Strengthening mechanisms to facilitate networking and partnership

To consult the Programme of the Congress click here.

To read the conclusions of the congress click here.

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