guide to site navigation

This guide will help you to surf the website through its nine sections.

Who we are

In this part you can find:

- information about the network (how it born, its mission, future plans)

- profile of the members

- the benefits to become a member (what brings you to participate to the life of the network) and the instructions to register

- annual fees. Here are detailed the fees required for the membership. Before submitting your registration check the framework to identify your category

Network’s news

This area is dedicated to the latest news and feeds from the network’s members


This is the space to read about the story of the 7th editions of the WEEC series from 2003 up to date.

Here you can find information about the objectives, main themes and outcomes for each congress over the last ten years.

Bulletin’s board

This is the most dynamic part of the website. In this section you are invited to post and share relevant news, projects, links,

contacts, contests, tender notices, calls for action, campaigns, bids etc.


Web space to post articles, periodicals, reviews, papers, memoir, essays etc.


Members can use this spot to suggest books and publications


This is the archive of the WEEC where you can consult all the relevant documents that have marked the story of the network over time.


In this area audio and video material is available for consultation (photogallery, interviews, speeches etc)



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