Benefits for WEEC network members

The subscription to the WEEC network by paying an annual fee entitles you to:

• Participate in the life of the network, in the election of international bodies and (where existing) of regional and/or national bodies.

• Participate in the activities of "Permanent Research Committees " and in the election of their government bodies.

• Put the WEEC logo with the following statement "X endorsesthe WEEC network " on your own website, on your publications, etc..

• Have a legal aid at your events (the patronage must, however, be required in advance using the appropriate contact form).

• Publish your own profile on the WEEC website (this option will be available soon).

• Receive a tailored newsletter with exclusive news and previews, recommendations on partners research,  job vacancies and post job offers, funding opportunities, etc..

• Announce the release of books, magazines and events on the website and on the general newsletter of the network (

• Discounts on some network's activities, summer schools, publications, courses, etc..

• Attend events that are reserved to WEEC members.

Become a supporter: your name will be add to the Register of Honor Supporters.



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if you register now your membership will be valid until December 2016


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